Allow me to reintroduce myself!!

June of last year was a pivotal turning point in my life, in my journey. This is the moment that I knew without a doubt that manifestation was real. My life had turned around, I had gone from being broke and living pay check to pay check, bad credit, no savings, working a job I hated between studying, living in a rental property, bad health to having a house deposit, buying land and building our dream home, landing my dream career where I am treated so well, doubled my income and finally found my purpose. This had a huge flow on affect in my life where I just saw myself evolve and blossom into a formidable sexy woman. 

Now 2022 has hit hard and 3 months in and I honestly don’t recognise myself anymore. There has been so much growth and change that the old me seems like such a stranger now. And as we addressed last time that stepping into a new version of yourself, requires you to let go of the old version. It’s a bit like T-Swizzle said “I’m sorry but the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead”. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a song lyric so much in my life as I do with this. I know when we use the word dead or letting go of our old self it can sound sad but in reality it is quite the opposite because really it is a birth, a beautiful birth of our new selves. Just like being born, being reborn is starting over with blank pages just waiting for you to fill them up. 

So in the spirit of my rebirth I want to you to get to know the new me because I am committed to showing up and playing all in. I am Natasha and I am a Women’s Empowerment & Self Love Coach. I have a background in NLP, group coaching and working as a People & Culture representative. I am extremely passionate about empowering women to step into their power to realise and unlock their full potential. I will unapologetically encourage you to have it all and then some!! I believe that women realising and stepping into their power will change the world one woman at a time. I want to get money and power in the hands of women, have them bring their god given gifts to the world and live a life full of abundance, success, prosperity and love. Why? Because empowered women, empower other women. They help, they donate and the more that they have the more they will share and help others. I want women to show up as the best versions of themselves, to give the best version of themselves to the world. 

I have a few topics I want to cover that I touched on in the above which includes what manifesting actually is. Why going all in and showing up as your best self.

Firstly I want to explain what manifesting actually is as I attribute this to being where I am now. Manifesting is the act of bringing your dreams into your physical reality. This is a very simplified explanation and there is many tools you can use to manifest something into your reality. In essence it is about declaring exactly what it is you want. Believe it to be yours already and make your self an energetic match in order to be able to receive it. And of course being open and ready to receive your manifestations. Manifestation and mindset go hand in hand. It might be easier said than done because in reality there is so much in us that prevent us form having what we desire, this could come from not feeling worthy or what we want, letting our ego put us off going after our desires and societal conditioning that has taught us to have scarcity mindsets and to basically stay in our lane and not be dreamers. Learning this concept is game changing and something I just want to teach as many women as possible. 

But why all in?? Haven’t I always been all in? Well in a word, no. Whilst I have been on this journey for a few years now it definitely hasn’t lead me in the direction that I initially thought it would. When I started Queen Creations I had the goal of empowering women through inclusive fashion, but I quickly realised that empowering women was an inside job and much more complex. So then was born the Kiss My Crown podcast where I would and currently give advice and coaching based on my own personal experiences. Because I know that if I am going through it then so is someone else. I wanted to give a voice to the issues that we face as women, that we don’t always talk about. Doing the podcast helped me to realise that this was in fact the calling, to help and empower as many women as possible, to use my voice and my platform to create a difference in this world. So I developed my very first free E-Book, the High Vibe Life Guide as a free resource, this was my gift back from what I had learned so that any woman, regardless of her financial background could have a great start up in some basic manifestation tools. This then lead to me creating my first digital online course, my signature Kiss My Crown Masterclass. Something I have just recently launched and guess what, it didn’t launch to a raving success like I wanted it to. Why? It wasn’t because it wasn’t a great course, it absolutely is and something that I am so proud of. It was because I wasn’t all in. I was going through the motions but I was still acting out of a place of my old self, where I felt like an imposter, where I was still the fashion student. Who did I think I was to be starting up an online coaching business?? Energetically I wasn’t a vibrational match and was drowning in my limiting beliefs and deafened by the voice of my ego, telling me who the hell do you think you are, you will fail, people will hate your courses, you are not good enough to do this. Most of us have been through that where our ego screams so loudly that we give up or play it safe like I was doing. 

So this is why it is all in, it is me claiming my new reality, as I would encourage anyone else to do if they have been feeling this way too. The reality of it is that my whole life I have been gaining the experience I need to do this, I have done an NLP certification, manifestation courses, mindset courses  I have coached for years in various job roles, everything I have learnt over my lifetime has lead me to this exact moment. I have already put myself through my own coaching, I practice what I preach. So why did I doubt myself so much, it is now that I take my own advice and believe in myself, back myself 100% and go all in and hold nothing back. This is exactly what you need to do when faced with a similar situation or moment. Cheer for yourself like you would cheer for you child, partner or best friend. Be you own bestie. Choose words that your bestie would say to you, talk to yourself with love and with kindness. 

What happens when women are empowered through working on their mindset and use manifestation? They show up as the best version of themselves, show up as their highest self. Have you ever seen a woman out there just absolutely living her best life, she is glowing, she is literally slaying her life. She radiates this energy and what people don’t realise is that energy is magnetic, it attracts more of the good stuff to her, more opportunities, more abundance, more happiness, the list goes on. When women are at their best they then give their best to others around them, the are better Mother’s, better wives, better employees, better bosses, better friends. Teaching you to show up for yourself is one of my focuses, in fact my next course offering will be all about exactly that. An empowered woman loves herself, she respects herself, she accepts herself and most of all she cares for herself and works on herself, for herself. 

My question for you today is how are you going to back yourself this week and what are you going to do to show yourself some love?

Natasha xx

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