Finding Neverland

Hello Darlings,

My favourite part of the journey I am currently on is the zest for life that I have again which is combined with the I no longer give a fuck what anyone else thinks mindset that has developed with this journey.

When you walk a path of chasing goals so big that other people think you’re crazy, you have to be a dreamer. You are required to use your imagination and get so curious that you question absolutely everything! Doing this is what is needed to see behind the veil on the bullshit lies we have been sold as adults. You know the ones I’m talking about, the great Australian (replace Australian with your own country) dream, that requires us to stay in our own lane and don’t you dare desire more than you’ve been allocated, that is also known as adulthood.

Adulthood can be a strange place where the wonder, magic and fun we had as a child is basically beaten out of us by the world and is replaced by fear, seriousness and perfectionism. As adults that essence of curiosity, exploring and innocence is lost on us as adults. Whether we care to admit it or not, we have let our experiences harden us, the disappointment, the heartaches and the struggle. The world stopped being this wondrous place and the fun turned into fear. And why wouldn’t we be afraid, fear, lack and scarcity is shown to us everywhere we look. On our tvs, on our radios, on the internet, newspapers, our entire media industry is built on a foundation of creating fear. Why? Because afraid adults stay in their lane and they do as they are told.  

We stopped being silly, having fun and taking a risk on trying something new because we didn’t want the world to see us as vulnerable or less than perfect. 

And why would we? Society started telling us that it was wrong to make a mistake when ‘cancel’ culture was born. Cancel culture was born from the perfectionism we were told that we had to have with the life that was all mapped out for each of us by society. That curiosity to question who mapped out our lives and why is long gone for most, we just play our part. 

What reminded me of this was going to see a performance with my son that was based on Peter Pan. I welled up with tears at the end when they said goodbye to Wendy Darling because I knew that when Wendy left Neverland she would grow up and that adulthood would never allow her to return to Neverland. In that moment I had the fuck me realistation that even our fairytales groomed us to be the adults we are.  

This year I have absolutely refused to stay in my lane or do as I was supposed to do. I have been relearning to have fun and engage in the art of play. Trying new things without worrying about what others thought of me. I’m sure people had a chuckle at me falling off my stand up paddle board a million times before I was able to stand on it, in fact I hope they did because I was certainly laughing at myself and just having so much fun being new at something. I rediscovered my love of the ocean and water and now I’m kayaking, going to the beach, swimming with dolphins, paddleboarding and gearing up to go back surfing again. All at the ripe age of 40. I even got my ass on an e-scooter and zipped around the city, much to my son's delight. Going on spontaneous adventures and just all round having fun is just a regular occurrence for me now.

In this time I have also been doing the inner work. I have been facing my own limiting beliefs and I have been shedding the stories that I was groomed to believe to be the truth and creating my own stories of how it gets to be for me. Because ultimately it is me who gets to decide what stories I get to live by and how my reality will turn out. What I previously thought was impossible for me, now is possible. I no longer listen to those who say I can’t have it all, that is their truth, not mine. I don’t have the pressure to settle for what is realistic, by doing the belief work I get to be free from that reality. 

Realising that Neverland is a state of mind and a state of being. That it has always been there for anyone wanting to find their way. Just remember that Neverland is just the “second star to the right and straight on till morning”

In essence my journey has led me back to Neverland. 

With love,

T xx

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