Old You, New You!

As I progress on my journey, I grow and I learn so much. I am starting to see things very differently and currently I’m going through such a period of feeling so uncomfortable with myself and life. I am met with so much uncertainty, which as a control freak, just about breaks me. I’m having to now show up completely and fully, and own what it is I am doing and want to achieve. Which is met with so much fear of failure, rejection, not feeling as if I’m enough. I also have to mention how lonely it has felt because this is often such a solitary journey and people may not understand what it is you are going through. I now also need to follow my own advice and coach myself as I need to back myself, believe in myself and truly go all in, work through all these feelings, lean in, feel the feels and work my way through it. 

What I have realised the most is whilst embodying the highest version of myself, my future self is that I am still holding on to the current version of myself.

So what is embodiment and why is it important??

I talk about embodiment a lot as I believe it to be fundamental in creating the change you want to see in your life. But what actually is it? Embodiment is the practice that ultimately can shift your mindset into a new space of being by focusing on the version of yourself who has achieved the goals, life, career, or just being that you strive to achieve. 

We so often think that once we have, we become. For example, once we lose 10kg we become a healthy, fit, skinny person. Or once we have a million dollars we become a millionaire. But the reality is you need to actually become that before you can be that. You need to be the healthy version of yourself, long before you physically become the healthy version of yourself. And same for the millionaire example. This is embodiment when you picture this version of yourself and you get crystal clear on what that version of you is like. From the choices you make, your daily routine, prioritising movement or investing, learning about financial or health education. This is the same for any goal or version of yourself you are working towards. 

So if there is something you are working towards at the moment take time and make space to journal if that works for you, or maybe visualise it and feel it if that resonates with you more, vision board and all those types of tools. For me I am details oriented so I journal with as much details. I journal how this version of me thinks, looks, her routine, what she watches, does, listens to, hangs around. What is a perfect day like, a typical week, what am I eating, what are my passions, where do I focus my time. For others they might like to visualise and tap into those feelings. Once you can do this you can start making aligned choices and changes in your current life and you start to development your mindset, your healthy mindset or your millionaire mindset or (insert any goal here) mindset. So in turn you start to become that version of yourself. You develop your healthy mindset, millionaire mindset, successful coach mindset and then yours goals start being achieved and you finally have it all. 

Why is embodiment important? 

Have you ever seen people win the lottery or inherit money, become instant millionaires and then they just blow it all and end up being broke again? Or people lose weight really quickly doing keto or getting a gastric sleeve but end up putting back all the weight and then some back on? This is because they haven’t spent the time learning to become that version of themselves. All of a sudden they have a million dollars but they aren’t millionaires with a millionaire mindset, they still make poor people choices, they haven’t learnt to manage money. Same with weight, they haven’t learnt the skills they needed to maintain. They have never become, they have skipped the mindset work that is required to be this version of themselves. They have not embodied this version of themselves, they haven’t changed their realities so of course things just go back to the way they were. 

What I have just recently learned though is there is another step in the embodiment phase or maybe I should say the direct step following this. And this is shedding and letting go to the old version of yourself so that you can truly become your highest self. It’s like the old you needs to die, in order for the new you to be birthed. 

But here’s the catch, it is letting go of your comfort zone, it is letting go of everything you have ever known and going deep into the unknown. It is trusting what you can not see and do not know. The ego makes this so fucking painful because it wants to keep you safe, your inner child is scared shitless and feels alone. 

For me, I just didn’t realise this is why I am feeling uncomfortable lately, I feel blah, I feel incredibly exhausted and I feel like life is taking a few steps backwards but I also know that I am stuck in this spot where I feel like I am just going around in circles. I’ve literally been begging the universe for help and guidance during moments of solitude. 

Your intuition can guide you through this, as can the universe but you actually have to stop the constant motion, be quiet, be alone with your thoughts to connect with the guidance you seek. On the weekend it was such a glorious weekend and the first weekend I have had off in 3 weeks. I wake up earlier than everyone in my house and on Saturday I decided to make my coffee and grab my journal and head out into the garden to just be with my thoughts and nature. No time limit, no expectation and with full permission to do absolutely nothing without feeling guilty. I sat out in nature, journalling, being with my thoughts, listening to my intuition for nearly 3 hours. And it was fucking glorious to just actually stop and be in the moment. I prayed out loud to the universe to give me a sign, a very specific sign to show me that I am on the right path after a disappointing first launch, I asked if I am meant to be a coach who empowers women to live to their full potential, to change the world one woman at a time, to get money in the hands of women, to not give up in this moment to show me/bring me a Koala. I absolutely love Koala’s and since moving 8 months ago I have not seen one Koala. For the next two days I searched high and low for the Koala and gave up looking, believing that not seeing the koala was the sign that maybe this wasn’t for me. The next morning leaving for work, smack bang in the middle of the road was a Koala that I literally had to stop for, of course I got out of the car and proceeded to take a million photos of my koala because I just could not believe this actually happened. The sign could not be more clear. I manifested a motherfucking Koala and a sign from God. (Caveat at the time of publishing this I have now seen two Koala’s in the space of two days, Ok universe I hear. I have since received my first client!!!)

Taking time in the quiet to connect with my intuition and to the universe has allowed me know that source is within me, I am on the right path, I am doing what I am meant to be doing. This has allowed me to really own my new identity. To overcome the imposter syndrome that has been holding me back. To be more open and actually listening to the universe to be guided along the way. 

And that’s what brings us here today is because what I realise by connecting with source and receiving the guidance I needed that it is now it is time to shed my old self and to step into my power as my highest self. It is time to ascend and I think that is the scary part because we spend so much time embodying but within the safety net of our old selves that the next part of letting the old version of you go is like jumping off a cliff without knowing if there is a safety net, or your new life on the other side. But I am ready to jump, I am ready to claim my new life, I am ready to say loud and proud to the world I am a women’s empowerment  & self love coach, I am ready to truly show up and been seen and I am ready to surrender to the universe, relinquish control and trust that it is truly already done.

I am afraid but I will do it anyway, so just know that whatever you are going through, the answers are already within you, to find them find some quiet, disconnect with outside world and be in the moment ready to listen and learn. 

I don’t know what this next chapter looks like but for the first time I am actually ok with that and I look forward to taking you on the journey with me.  

Natasha xx

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