The 10 steps I used to secure a career in Luxury!!!

How many times have you dreamt about moving up in your career? Or dreamt about working for certain dream companies? Seen advertisements for these roles and companies? And how many times have you not applied because you thought it was out of your reach?


Well this is your sign to apply for those dream roles and I’m going to step you through how I landed one of these dream roles at a dream company and the steps I took to do so. 


Levelling up in your career takes some work and old fashion courage. We are our own worst critiques at the best of times and before we can apply for these roles we need to do a little mindset work to get us to a point of feeling worthy of such opportunity. We also need to look at our skillset that we have spent a lifetime honing and how valuable those skills and experience are to future employers. We need to stop seeing what we believe are our shortcomings and start seeing what other people see. A classic example of this for me is I’ve had over 15 years of customer service, sales and retention experience. Where I have worked for some major companies and gone through extensive on the job training for these roles. However, I have had a lifespan at companies around the 2-3 year mark before I get bored, no longer feel challenged and stuck in roles where there is little to no room for change or growth. Is this the way an employer sees me though?? Of course not they see someone who has honed their skillset in many different industries, gaining more experience along the way, They see someone who can fit in to company culture and is easily adaptable to change. Someone who is flexible and who is always learning and growing. 


So those stories you keep telling yourself why you are not enough, I’m going to need you to flip those at look at the alternate point of view. 


So I took a massive leap of faith when I saw this particular company advertising for roles and I decided to go all in and give it the best I could. These are the step by steps I took to give myself the best chance at getting this dream career.


  1. Set a filter on your chosen job advertising website or platform: Backstory behind this is the company that I wanted to work for once advertised for a position but required a second language to be spoken. After I saw that I said to myself that I wanted to work there, so I set a filter on the job search website for that particular company. This way if they ever advertised for a position I would know about, I also knew that this particular company didn’t have roles come up advertise very often so it was almost a set and forget situation. Of course 6 months later I got a notification that there was a position listed.
  2. Analyse the job advertisement with a fine tooth comb: Read that bad boy over and over, identify the keywords, verbiage, the person they are looking for and skills they have asked for. The advertisement literally tells you exactly what they are looking for, so be prepared to address these points and think of examples to demonstrate. Do your homework, look at social media, websites etc to see how this company speak. 
  3. Write a cover letter specifically for this position: This is not the time nor place to use the generic cover letter template you have been using. You are applying for a level up position and needs to be treated as such. Now that you’ve analysed the job advertisement now is the time to address all the key points listed in the advertisement, ensuring you use the same words and language that was used. To the point of capturing and using their exact sentences in your cover letter with examples that tie your experience in. As an example my role was looking for a ‘blue box enthusiast’, so as a part of my cover letter I shared my first ‘blue box’ experience and how that exceptional experience made me a ‘blue box enthusiast’. This showed that I knew what was expected in the role and that I was already a brand ambassador. I also did this with the rest of the key points they made in their advertisement. Covering all these points in my cover letter did make my cover letter quite long (1 A4 page) but my gut told me I needed to cover all this. My cover letter impressed the recruiters that they even bought it up during my interview. 
  4. Update your resume: This should go without saying but update that resume to include your most current role. Make your resume pop! It needs to stand out, so add some colour and have it formatted in a nice way. In this day and age with so many free resources, templates and programs, there is no excuse for a boring and average resume. Use the verbiage that is used in the advertisement when describing your skills. Make sure the skills they are looking for are front and centre in your resume.
  5. Do your research and dress to impress at your interview: Before going to my interview I did my research on what the staff wore to work everyday, how they did their hair, what make up they wore and what shoes they wore, and I made sure this is how looked for my interview. I basically looked like I already worked there, this shows your future employer that you already part of the team and fit in with the aesthetic of the business and culture. Being in luxury I also made the call to hide my tattoos and to remove my tongue piercing that I have had for over 18 years. This was a personal choice because it was for the luxury sector and I knew that I would have to do this if I got the role. Mindset wise this was me believing I already had the job and made sure this was in alignment with me and the future I wanted. 
  6. Mirror your interviewer or interviewers: The first technique I was taught in sales was to mirror the other person and during my lifetime this has actually been one of my biggest skill flexes I use in my everyday life, to the point of doing it without realising I am doing it. So exactly what do I mean by mirroring? This is where you match the other person from body language, to tone and pace of speech, to using the same verbiage they use. For example if they cross their legs, you follow and do the same, if they lean in, you then lean in. If they are introverted and talk slow, then you match that. If they are bubbly and excited, then so are you. This is a key step in building rapport with anyone in life. How do you know if you’ve been successful with this? Take the lead, so what I mean by this is try leaning in or smiling and if that is reciprocated by the other person you have built rapport.
  7. Have examples thought of ahead of time and questions you want to ask: Honestly having been through quite a lot of interviews and having worked in recruitment for a short stint, interviews tend to address the same interview questions. They are usually questions like give us an example of when you handled a difficult customer situation, what do you know about our brand, why did you apply for this role. You can even google the the company and interview questions and get some examples of the type of questions they ask. So prepare examples of these before the interview. At the end of the interview when they ask if you have any questions this is your time to shine and you absolutely must ask some questions. Here you need to ask questions that are important to you. For me I asked about the company culture, what their favourite part about working there was and how long they had been working with the company for. For me I wanted to be somewhere that had great culture, where people loved their jobs and how had longevity with not too much staff turnover. I also asked what a typical work day would look like so I could gauge that this is fact what I wanted to do as a career. You will ask questions based on what you value, but I will note this is not the time to discuss salary expectations. For my role I had 2 interviews and ensured I had questions to ask in both interviews. 
  8. Follow up and ask for feedback: After my interview the time in which they said they would get back to me lapsed and of course I started thinking the worst that I didn’t get the job. In the past for general roles that I wasn’t passionate about, I would have just let it slide and moved on to applying for another job. This time was different because if I wasn’t successful I wanted to know why so I could improve myself or my skillset so that I could be successful next time an opportunity like this presented itself. So I called to follow up and that it what lead to being presented with pursuing an alternate role within the company and then in turn my second interview. 
  9. Be flexible and show you understand the role: Know that when you first start anywhere that there might already be things like annual leave booked in that they are needing the new hire to fulfil. For me this meant giving up a dance performance and also missing my first week of uni while they onboarded me with lots of training. That sacrifice was something that was outweighed by being successful in securing this role. Also demonstrating that I knew exactly what I was committing to was very important to my employers
  10. Negotiate your salary: Here it is so important to know where the typical salary fits in with the company. Do a little research because you don’t want to go in blind to this conversation or be surprised if your salary expectations are not met. Never go in with a first offer because if you offer low without knowing what they would offer that is what you will get. Believe in your skills and your worth, for the first time in my life I negated the highest rate because I knew my skills and experience were a valuable asset and I back myself with that. 


For me this was what I used to secure my role in luxury, it truly is a dream career for me and way out of my comfort zone. In the past this would have never even been a job I would have tried to apply for, or more so had the confidence to apply for. But dreams are never lived in your comfort zone. So get out there, back yourself and go for it!!!


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