The daily rituals and practices I swear by

I am a true believer in life is what we make of it, we can either let life happen to us and merely exist and survive. Or we can take life by the proverbial and create something truly exceptional. 

My first step to the latter was realising that the little moments are the ones that mean the most. Whilst we can get distracted chasing the big moments, learning to appreciate the little ones are is the thing that changes your perspective and your world. 

One day I decided to make the day to day things special and create rituals and daily practices out of them. By taking stock and appreciating all I had on a day to day basis allowed more amazing things to flow into my life. 

I've seen plenty of articles about habits of successful people like waking up at 5am, no social media for the first hour of waking up etc. But everyone is truly unique and having daily practices and rituals need to make you feel amazing and honestly getting up at 5am just isn't something that makes me feel great!

My daily:

  1. Listening to affirmations & feel good, uplifting things. I do this everyday and I utilise my time in the car to listen to something that will uplift me, usually a daily affirmation playlist. But sometimes I feel called to listen to certain types of music or a podcast. The key here is to tune into yourself and see what it is you need in that moment. 
  2. Morning coffee. I allow myself time in the morning to truly saviour and enjoy my coffee. I enjoy coffee, I invested in an amazing coffee machine and good beans. I slow down in this morning moment and take stock of how special this quiet time in the morning is, usually spent having breakfast with my son. 
  3. Reading. Or in my case audiobooks, I have an audible account and get a book to listen to every month. I focus on listening or reading books for self improvement, learn new skills. I also read at night with my son, we either read together or I read my own book while he reads. For that read I tend to read literature reads.
  4. Meditate. Every damn night!! I do this as I get into bed every night, not the old bed scrolling of social media. The type of meditation I do varies and is usually a guided meditation of some sort. From sleep hypnosis to binaural beats, again depends what I'm being drawn to that particular night.
  5. Gratitude. I usually do this with my meditation and quite often include my son in the practice where we share with each other 3 things we were grateful for that day.
  6. Movement. Pretty much everyday, movement of some kind, if I'm working I try to walk in my break. If I'm home I try to walk around the family farm and other times I'm dancing or shaking it out. You create energy within your body and you need to use it.
  7. Stop to watch the sunset. If you follow me on Instagram or Tik Tok you would have seen my sunset spam and I make no apologies for it. Whenever I can, weather and time permitting, I stop whatever I'm doing and go sit outside and enjoy the sunset and quite often with a champagne in hand. Sunset time is my time and everyone in my family knows I go have some me time, connect with nature and enjoy the beauty life throws out with a stunning sunset.

Like I mentioned before having complex daily rituals like waking up at 5am just would not be consistent or successful for me, so I try and make my rituals and daily practices as easy as can be. I don't beat myself up if I can't do them everyday, but they have become so engrained in my daily routine that they are almost things I just do on auto pilot. 

Do you have any daily rituals and practices you swear by? I would love to hear them!!


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