Welcome to the Sunday Sessions

Hello Darlings,

I will never be able to express how important it is that women share their stories, to find their voice and to speak up in a world that tells us not to. What we don’t realise is how powerful our voice is and that our stories have the ability to change the world. Through our stories we can learn, we can grow, we can inspire and most of all we can make someone feel like they aren’t alone in their experience. 

I sometimes wonder how different my life would be if I knew that I was not alone in my experience, if I would have been able to find the light a little sooner. My goal now is to shine the light as brightly as I can so that if someone is lost or alone, they can be found and know they are not alone anymore. That someone else has been through this and we can inspire bravery in one another to share our stories.

Welcome to my Sunday Sessions, my new weekly blog that is my personal journal to you all. A place where I can open up about the musings of life, the experiences and the feelings that all go along with this journey that we are all on. My intention here is to share my story and what I learn each week. To share my journey as a woman finding her way in her 40’s, as a mother, as a woman starting her business, as a wife, as a lightworker on a spiritual journey and as a woman who is in the process of creating a life of her wildest dreams.

I look forward to not only going on this journey with you, but sharing it with you too!

With love,

T xx 

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