Self Love Club

Self Love Club


 In 2023 we launch our monthly membership to the Kiss My Crown: SELF LOVE CLUB!!!

In the Self Love Club we use the 5 rules of Self Love Club framework to infuse in every aspect of our lives. This gives us this amazing foundation to build a life of our wildest dreams on, whilst learning how to love ourselves, raise our standards and set healthy boundaries, all at the same time.

The Self Love Clubs offers a monthly virtual workshop where we come together to learn about and focus a specific aspect of our lives (career, love, health, finances, relationships, environment, etc). We learn how to implement the 5 Rules of Self Love in each of these areas. We set goals that we want to achieve in the next month, hold accountability & support one another through our goals and share our experiences & wins. All incased in our exclusive Facebook group.

Along with Voxxer access for when you need additional help during the month and an opportunity to have one on one coaching opportunities. 

All this offered on a monthly membership of $25 a month!!

Or pay in full for 12 months for only $222

If the Self Love Club is something you resonate with simply fill in your details and I will personally be in touch via email to discuss it further with you!

Register your interest below!!