Self Love Challenge

7 Day Self Love Challenge


The 7 Day Self Love Challenge is a revolution for women to claim back their power by learning how to truly love & accept yourself.

By doing this challenge and learning how to love yourself,  you make it possible to start living a life of your wildest dreams.

Surrounded by a powerful community of like minded women, together we will conquer and I will empower you to become the Queen of your world.

The 7 Day Self Love Challenge runs from September 24th-30th.
It is completely FREE to join and take part.


  • There will be a daily challenge video that will include techniques for you to implement into your life straight away. 
  • An exclusive Facebook group where the daily trainings will be posted & for you to interact with like minded women. 
  • Live Q&A's through out the challenge 
  • Special bonuses and content throughout 


Are you sick of being at constant war with yourself? Are you at the bottom of your priority list? Do you feel constantly drained and unmotivated? Have you lost that zest for life? Feel disconnected from your divine feminine? 
If you answered yes to any of these questions,
the 7 Day Self Love Challenge is for you!!


What are you waiting for?? Simply fill in your details to join!!